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“Love the Lord your God with all your heart, your soul, your strength, and your mind, and love your neighbor as yourself.”   Luke 10:27

Guided by this passage, the Advocacy Committee observes the needs in our community, seeks to discern God's calling and makes recommendations for future action to leadership within First Presbyterian. Through sharing their findings, they prepare the congregation for engagement.

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Housing stability is a crucial part of upward mobility. What are the challenges in Charlotte?


Quality education provides opportunities to move out of poverty. What are the barriers to equitable access?



Discrimination based on race limits chances for success. What is necessary to be anti-racist?

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For more information about the Advocacy Committee contact:

HAL CLARKE, Co-Chair Advocacy Committee

LISA DILLARD Co-Chair Advocacy Committee

SHANTIQUA NEELY, Director of Outreach and Mission


For more information, contact a member of the Formation  Team:

REV. ROBERT GALLOWAY, Associate Pastor for Christian Formation and Young Adults

GARRELL KEESLER, Director of Adult Formation

NATALIE RAYGOR, Executive Director of Youth, Children and Family Ministries

TRISTAN WALL, Director of Youth

DELILIAH JANE PHLLIPS, Director of Children's Ministries


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