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EQUITY in EDUCATION:  Sub-committee focus for 2021:


1) Westerly Hills Academy and Core Church- Expand support for students and families in zip code 28208 many of whom are negatively impacted by poverty, hunger, lack of affordable housing stability, (over)working parents, and lack of transportation. Explore opportunities for partnering with Core Church to support these families 


2) Covid-19 Trauma - Ensure training for partners (teachers, administrators, tutors) to understand the added layer of trauma from this pandemic year and the mental/emotional health consequences.


3) Literacy – Encourage best practices for reading mastery (a bellwether predictor for success in school) from the earliest possible age and engage more FPC members in proven effective literacy programs.



  • Volunteer as a success coach – meet weekly with a WHA student to work on skills in goal setting and decision making -  

  • Support FPC-sponsored Girl Scout Troop at Wilson STEM Academy (the feeder middle school for WHA students) by attending troop meetings twice a month,  attending field trips and/or camping trips (twice a year), supervising cookie sales, driving girls home from events, assisting with refreshments, teaching a merit badge (such as life skills, first aid, animals, art, STEM, etc.), sewing badges on sashes. We also need help starting a troop at WHA.

  • Support the Food Pantry at WHA – provide food on a monthly basis or serve on the team that delivers food to the school.  

  • Serve as a Camp Grier Connector – communicate with and support  a family as they prepare to send their student for a week of fun in Old Fort, NC.  (FPC has been sending students to Camp Grier for 50 years.) 

  • Volunteer at BellXcel Summer Camp, hosted by Core Church in Partnership with FPC – Help rising kindergarteners prepare for the beginning of school.  Assist staff by reading stories, playing games at recess or helping with learning centers.


For additional information about any of the above, contact Heather Herring  ALSO, join Heather’s Realm Group for Westerly Hills Volunteers to learn about even more opportunities to serve.  

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