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 Pathways to Discipleship

Masks, social distancing and Zoom fatigue - the global pandemic has given us some less-than-desirable gifts, but it has also provided the opportunity to rethink how we go about living as disciples of Jesus Christ and making the Christian faith a way of life. 

Pathways to Discipleship shapes how we learn and serve by shifting the emphasis from a focus on classes and programs to a focus on goals for maturing in faith.  This shift not only gives structure to the uncertainty of COVID, but also provides a framework for all ages to select the content and experiences they need to grow in faith and discipleship.


The format will be similar for each month:

  • Week 1: Sundays @10:00 - Virtual gathering to explore the monthly theme; led by a faith leader; small group break outs

  • Weeks 2 & 3: Self-paced using “playlists” of content for all ages.  These short-form 5-15 minute experiences allow learning on your own schedule. 

  • Week 2 focuses inward on personal growth 

  • Week 3 focuses outward on service

  • Week 4: Sunday @10:00 Virtual gathering to share experiences from the monthly exploration.


  • Pathways to Discipleship is for all ages. 

  • Content for Kindergarten through adults lives on this Pathways website and offers multi-disciplined options to create a personal plan for Christian formation.

  • Learner-centered approach gives people control over what, when and where they will participate.  

  • Existing bible studies and small groups will supplement and complement Pathways.

Pathways to Discipleship will be adapted for in-person use once we are able to safely gather.  Meanwhile, use this time of physical distancing to create new habits of discipleship that will nurture us personally and encourage us to pour out the love of Christ to all. 

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