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 Pathways to Discipleship

The Emotional Life of Jesus: The gospel stories provide a fascinating glimpse into Jesus, a fully human person, and the wide range of emotions he experienced.  Exploring these stories, we’ll ask questions like: Does Jesus get the blues? How do feelings affect how Jesus treats people? If God truly understands and welcomes our emotions, how does that change our Christian life? 

led by Rev. C. Nolan Huizenga, Transitional Pastor, Highland Presbyterian Church, Louisville, KY 

Sept. 18

SEPTEMBER 18 - Jesus Has Feelings 


Jesus Has Feelings - Rev. Nolan Huizenga - Recording of Class


Soul of a Man,” (4:22) a gospel blues tune by Texas guitarist and singer Blind Willie Johnson, sung by Bruce Cockburn


Look at the following two images. Which more closely portrays the Jesus you know? Why? In what ways does your view of Jesus shape the way you understand yourself as a human?

Sept. 25

SEPTEMBER 25 - Paying Attention to the Stories 



Look at El Greco’s painting of Christ Cleansing the Temple in as described in John 2:13-14. What emotion do you see in Jesus’ face? Does it surprise you? Can you think of other instances in which Jesus showed similar emotion? What does it tell you about Jesus?

OCTOBER 2 - The Compassion of Christ…and of Us his Body 


The Compassion of Christ…and of Us His Body - Rev. Nolan Huizenga - Recording of class

Sitting in the Dark with a Friend - Hugh Hollowell

Seeing Jesus - meditation with Rev. Aimee Moiso; set to “Peace” by Rich Mullins


Your Emotions are Not Your Spiritual Enemy (48:00) - The Bible For Normal People podcast with Counselor Alison Cook



Oct. 2

OCTOBER 9 - Meet Sun Counseling and Wellness


Link to Sun Counseling at FPC

Link to Sun Counseling and Wellness Website

How to talk to loved ones when you’re worried about their mental health


Juliet Kuhnle’s podcast:  “Who You Callin’ Crazy?!” 

The Season You’re In - Fleet Foxes


When talking to someone whom you think might benefit from therapy, Juliet Kuehnle suggests using phrases such as “I’ve noticed”, I wonder”, and “would you consider?"

Look at this list of emotions. What are you feeling?  “If you can name it, you can tame it."

Oct. 9
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